FluidSolids® is designed for industrial processing.

Serial products can be moulded and extruded directly from the material. Likewise, FluidSolids® is also suitable for the production of semi-finished parts. Depending on the individual requirement the material can be adapted with regards to the production technology applied.
A significant advantage is the fact that for the manufacturing FluidSolids® can be integrated into existing production plants and according to the number of units required the material is either manufactured in a batch or a continuous process.
As a result FluidSolids® has a wide and flexible range of applications and can be used in the manufacture of the most diverse product spectrum.
Production and processing require little energy; furthermore, the material as well as the waste are nontoxic and compostable.

Manufacturing technologies overview
- Compression molding
- Extrusion
- Injection molding

- no special machinery and equipment required, only adaptation of settings
- scalable
- special mixtures for each technology available